General Information

The Country Hall Liège, which is located in the Bois Saint Jean sports complex, benefits from an exceptional geographic location. The complex is part of the Sart Tilman forest plateau, which has a noteworthy economic development centre, an Adeps centre, the University of Liège and the University Hospital.

Access is very easy thanks to an especially well-developed motorway network.

It is located in the Province of Liège (+/- 1,000,000 inhabitants) on the territory of the city of Liège (+/- 200,000 inhabitants).

INDOOR HOCKEY ACCESSIBLE TO ALL. In order for everyone to be able to participate in this event, the entire tournament will be accessible for people with reduced mobility.

Allée du Bol d’Air 19
4031 Angleur

Welcome to liège

The superlatives

  • The biggest Sunday market in Belgium: La Batte
  • The biggest and oldest Christmas Village in Belgium
  • The biggest and oldest still-active Belgian fair and the country’s biggest festival: The October Fair
  • The country’s oldest and most expansive stretch of land: the High Fens nature reserve
  • Europe’s longest subterranean navigation route in the Remouchamps Caves
  • Europe’s biggest Museum of Prehistory: the Préhistomuseum in Ramioul
  • The world’s most attractive circuit: Spa-Francorchamps
  • The largest freefall simulator in the world: Fly-In!
  • The country’s largest railway station, an architectural masterpiece: the Liège-Guillemins station
  • The longest staircase in Belgium: the Montagne de Bueren (374 steps)
  • The tallest building in Wallonia: the ultra-modern Paradise Tower in Liège (136 metres)
  • The largest number of ski slopes in the country (30)
  • The province with the highest number of outdoor swimming pools in Wallonia (11)
  • Belgium’s longest bar (21.6 metres long and… 20 beer pumps!): The Elvish Brewery


  • Tourism in Liège Province represents one third of Wallonia’s entire tourism


  • Belgium’s no. 1 inland port Wallonia’s no. 1 tourist destination
  • The only opera house in Wallonia
  • The only coal mine in Belgium that can be visited from its original shaft: Blegny-Mine (recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • The only stream in Belgium: the Ninglinspo


  • Two unique public health spas in Wallonia


  • Europe’s 3rd-ranking river port


  • 2017 saw the Tour de France cross Liège
    province for the 19th time since 1948.


  • 30 recreational centres and parks


  • 31 ski slopes: 5 alpine ski slopes and 26 cross-country skiing routes


  • 80 heritage monuments open to visitors


  • 84 municipalities


  • 118 metres : (136 with antenna) La Tour Paradis, popularly known as the “Financial Tower”, located in the Liège-Guillemins railway station district, is the tallest building in Wallonia.


  • 127 museums


  • 181 hotels


  • 354 guest houses


  • 374 steps make up “The Beuren Mountain”, an immense staircase rising up right in the heart of the Historical Centre and leading to the ancient Citadel of Liège


  • 600 kilometres of RAVeL (Réseau Autonome de Voie Lente), where motors are banished and cyclists are supreme, running through Liège province among other areas


  • 659 gîtes


  • 694 metres: Belgium’s highest point (Signal de Botrange) located in the Cantons de l’Est, in the east of the province


  • 900 kilometres of cross-country skiing


  • 3.862 km² : the province’s surface area


  • 5.000 km of signposted walks


  • 1.077.203: E203 inhabitants making up the


  • 2.500.000 visitors came to the Christmas Market in December 2016