House Rules

The organization applies clear house rules and policies for the event site (Country Hall + Salle Adeps du Bois- Saint-Jean).
Current house rules include but are not limited to the following:


  • The house rules and policies apply to anyone attending the event at the event site and/or who is present in or around the event site, before, during and after the duration or commencement of the event.

Access to the event site

  • You enter the event site at your own risk.
  • Upon entering the event site and during the period that you are present on the event site, you must be in possession of a valid admission ticket and be able to show a valid admission ticket when requested to do so by the organization, security or staff. If you do not possess a valid admission ticket, you will be refused access to and/or be removed from the event site.
  • You must always and immediately follow any instructions from the organization, security or staff.
  • A body search within the event site is performed by the organisation, security or staff upon entering and within the event site if there is reason to do so. If you refuse to cooperate with body search or bags checks on request, access to the event site will be denied or you will be removed from the event site.
  • Undesirable behaviour such as aggression and/or discrimination or other behaviour in a way which others could perceive as provocative, threatening or insulting, or behaviour creating any risk to health or safety to oneself or others and/or causing harm to others, is not tolerated.
  • The organization, security and staff reserve the right to refuse access to persons dressed offensively.
  • Seating areas are provided on the event site. You may only be seated in the place expressly entitled by the admission ticket.

Alcohol, drugs and trade items

  • You are prohibited from entering or being present at the event site in a state of drunkenness and/or under the influence of drugs.
  • It is not permitted to bring alcoholic drinks and/or drugs into the event site.
  • Purchase or consumption of alcoholic drinks on the event site may be refused by the organization,
  • security or staff based on misconduct, intoxication and/or drunkenness.
  • The organisation reserves the right to remove from the event site any direct or indirect advertisements which are not related to a sponsor of the event/event site/organisation.
  • It’s prohibited to exercise any commercial activity on the event site or its surroundings, unless with the explicit permission of the organisation. The organisation reserves the right to prohibit or prevent the sale and/or offering for sale of trade items including (alcoholic) drinks, food items and other trade items on the event site or its surroundings.
  • Belgian legislation on the use and trade of alcohol and drugs applies to the event site and its surroundings.

Prohibited items

  • You are not allowed to enter the event site with pets or other animals. Exceptions can be made on written request for people with a trained guiding dog.
  • Professional recording equipment is not allowed on the event site, unless a press accreditation was given out. Small cameras and amateur equipment (e.g. GoPro) are allowed.
  • You must always watch your property and must not leave anything unattended.
  • It is not permitted to bring the following items to the event/event site:
    • own consumptions, bottles, cans, glassware
    • alcohol, hard or soft drugs
    • (fire) weapons and other dangerous objects
    • incendiary material (fireworks, bengal fire, flares, smoke sticks, smokebombs, …) o drones
    • big bags any larger than A4 size or >45cm high, > 30L volume
    • flyers, stickers, posters and other promotional items
    • or in general any object which may constitute a risk to health, safety or public order or that the organisation, security or staff might consider as dangerous object.
  • It is not permitted to use and/or to carry or be in possession of substances, which, in the opinion of the organisation, security or staff, cause or may cause unnecessary hindrance or nuisance to third parties, may constitute a risk to or cause damage to other persons and/or property.
  • It is not permitted to climb upon scaffoldings or other facilities or structures. It is also not permitted to trespass on the playing field.
  • Smoking in (parts of) the event site is only permitted if and so far as seats and areas are designated for this purpose by the organisation.

Image and video recordings

  • When you attend the event/event site, you acknowledge that the event is a public and commercial event and you consent to the recording of your name, voice, portrait and/or image during the event and to the use of these recordings for promotional purposes for an unspecified period and globally and you waive your portrait rights with regard to these recordings.
  • You do not hold the organisation or parties who, with the organisation’s consent, make use of image and/or video recording, whether or not for commercial ends, liable for such use.


  • If you act in contravention of these rules in any way whatsoever, you may be refused access to the event site or removed from (any area of) the event site without warning by the organisation, security, staff and/or other appropriate authority and/or handed over to the police.


  • You attend the event site entirely at your own risk. The organisation is not liable for any damage or loss incurred by you or any damage or loss of property as a direct or indirect consequence of act or omission on the part of the organisation, persons in its employment or other persons engaged for or on behalf of the organisation, or third parties, during the event and/or their visit to the event site, unless such loss is a result of intent or gross negligence of the organisation.
  • You are liable for all loss caused as a result of your actions or omissions to property and/or persons on the event site and you hold the organisation harmless from claims from third parties in this respect.

Other clauses

  • The organisation reserves the right to amend the event house rules and policies at all times. The amended rules and policies comes into effect immediately following their amendment.
  • If one or a number of articles of these rules would void or unlawful, for whatever reason, this does not prejudice the validity of the other parts of these rules.
  • These house rules and policies are extended with the house rules and policies of the event site (Country Hall + Salle Adeps du Bois-Saint-Jean) that are additionally applicable.